New Masterclass

Calling All Academics: 

The 4 Counter-Intuitive Essentials to Controlling Your Time

Sunday-Sept 15 @ 2:30 pm ET Thursday-Sept. 19 @ 11 am ET Friday-Sept. 20 @ Noon ET

In This Masterclass



The Single Most Effective Way

to find true freedom with your flexible schedule


Why the Emphasis on Time Management is Misplaced

especially when you’re overwhelmed and need more time and control of your time


The Most Simple and Beneficial Method

for prioritizing your own long-term projects


The Major Mindset Shift

all academics with flexible schedules need to embrace to become highly productive and enjoy life beyond professional accomplishments

Let’s Face It. The Chaos that 21st Century Higher Ed Dishes Won’t Miraculously Evaporate.

Whether you’re frustrated by the lack of time and control you have in your seemingly “flexible schedule” or you’re tired of putting other people’s commitments before your own, the 2019-20 academic year could become the year you reflect back on as the moment you pivoted, accelerating your pace of accomplishments and expanding the scope of your influence!

The possibilities for reducing distractions that drain you while creating time and space for your creativity to flourish are very real!

Join me to learn how to manage your flexible schedule with its many varied responsibilities. Learn what’s needed to find the freedom and peace of mind you’re seeking. Unleash the actual, rather than merely the potential, freedom your flexible schedule has long promised.

This Masterclass is a Must Attend if…

  • You’re an academic ready to make your professional obligations less stressful and overwhelming
  • Tenure or promotion is looming and you’re feeling behind in meeting your unit’s criteria and must prioritize your research NOW!
  • You’re longing for much more open space on your calendar instead of the constant struggle to keep your schedule current with the proliferation of other people’s priorities.

A Personal Invitation from Janet...

I have 25 years experience in higher ed. I’ve been a tenured faculty member and know the pressures and rewards of publishing, teaching, leadership and service. But I’ve also struggled with time-management, getting organized, focused attention, and even learning challenges. After years of frustration, I finally cracked the code. I’ve developed an approach that facilitates prioritizing the important rather than the urgent and allows working with relaxed focus and a clear presence of mind.


This brand-new Masterclass is a culmination of what I’ve learned from tons of research, my own challenges, as well as my work with students, faculty, and staff at several colleges and universities and my clients.

If you’re committed to making this academic year the year you finally invest in yourself and develop the skills needed to master your flexible schedule so you can become the high achiever you know you can be while enjoying a full life, don’t miss this master class.